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Here you will find Arexx scripts for Grapevine, Chatbox, and Aweb. If you would like to include your script here, please send it to me, and I'll gladly put it up with credit to you. If you've written useful scripts for another application than these, I'd gladly create a new section as well provided you have at least a few scripts. (I've got plenty of space here, so send away!) :)

Grapevine Scripts that were created for the Grapevine IRC client. Many of these were written quite a while ago, so if you have any updates, please send them to me.
ChatBox Scripts that were created for the ChatBox IRC client. Some were ported from the GV scripts, while many were rewritten completely.
Aweb A few old scripts for the Aweb WWW Browser. I'm sure there are newer and better scripts out there by now, but if you need these, they're still here. Some of my scripts were even included in the Aweb distribution! (Though better scripts have now come along since then)

Last updated March 9, 1997